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Prodigious Soul

A prodigious soul baffled me today,
question: “What makes you happy, what brings you joy?”
Sparkling smiles, enlighten faces,
photosynthesizing on the agony of others
while exhaling luxury commodities:
solace, delight, thrill, bliss.

“No! What makes you happy, what are the elements of your selfish realm?”
My head felt stuck in a metal helm.
Lights down.
Dark matter.

Thoughts got frozen, statistically, dead inside.
The realization of not knowing what makes me happy,
fuels the darkness that’s chained to the dungeon,
hidden under the roof of this body of mine.

Quick lightning and Master Negativity is back,
ready to fuck up all the things that were going on track.
Why do I have this indistinguishable gift,
of always sabotaging myself, only highlighting grief ?

Pull out a cigar, smoking this fucked up brain,
so I can see the path that releases me from pain.
Quest for perfection in happiness has blinded me to see,
what joy is hiding in plain sight, for me,
Prodigious Soul.

Even throughout this supermassive black hole of negativity,
against all odds, the light that’s sucked up, fed to it,
shatters everything to thousands of shreds.

If even for lost causes like me,
a glimpse of hope unfolds,
a reason to keep on, to conquer the fears,
imagine the sea of possibilities that properly scrolled,
will make you find the golden road
to the Holy Grail of Happiness.
All you need is an open mind and a
Prodigious Soul.

Brilliance of Blue

Round sphere, your customized mark of Cain,
Concentrated dancing nebulosity in tints of blue.
While providing instant pleasure to the brain,
Life defining secrets are hidden in plain view.
For us, mortals, a mere shape, a colorful imprint,
For you, an entire connected universe of perception.
We are ready to embrace that it will disappear in a stint,
But admit that for you, it`s a living symbol of reflection.
Eyes are watching something they can`t see,
Poisoned by brilliance of blue, they be.
The mind, flooded with corruption to know,
Identifying patterns that don`t easily glow.
Triggers of memories sculpted by stinging needles,
Foundation stones to unimaginable emotion steeples.
As darker hues are devoured by shades of light,
We can`t even envision the torment outright.
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