As Einstein crafted general relativity, I want to find a theorem that can explain most thoughts of humanity.

I`m an avid statistics consumer and in my mind I see a probability in every event. I would like to say that I act only when the odds are in my favor however lying I will be. Sometimes the sweetest victories come from the utmost underdog situation.

Music is, maybe, one of the most influential factors that defined my personality. I wasn’t blessed with talent to sing or play so I can only write about my rock albums, to the world. Yes, rock is the main genre I listen too, with all subcategories, but any good styles, refuse I don’t.

Nothing that comes out as new, hasn’t been covered in the past. It`s almost impossible to write about a completely new topic. However, the only new that can be added is the style, blending of words and message transmission. I can only count on these techniques to make and influence.

There are too many things that bother me, so slowly I`ll introduce you to all the corners of my mind. I felt the need to pass on my thoughts, maybe as motivation as certain times.

That been said, I hope you enjoy, this long journey that I started. For more about me, social media is anytime available. And in the words of one of my favorite bands “For those about to rock, We salute you”!