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Music, the Festival of Soul


Last year, in the same period, I went to my first ever 4 days festival and I was hooked. Don’t ask me why I waited for a quarter of a century to do it!

This year, I’m back at the same venue. It’s called Airfield and it unfolds in Sibiu.

Besides a full array of events that took place last year, by far the most memorable was the kick in the inspiration that bestowed upon me. It was the start of an art project I had previously thought about. Speaking about art, this is one of the main reasons I’m back. Yes, art comes in many shapes and sizes, but as long as you are lucky enough to see and hear live performances, then I consider this a form of art. Of course nobody likes all the artists, however the diversity of the acts is what makes this festival unique.

I consider myself young but when I saw the sheer percentage of younglings around, I felt like a motherfucking grandpa. That’s until I observed some 60+ wise travellers. When the night settled, there were at least a 2 degree warmer environment fueled by the heart of the singers and the excitement of the crowd. Whenever jumps were involved in the middle of the song, shockwaves were sent that rocked the mountains nearby. The voice of the singers resonated within every soul. Everyone is living the moment, everybody is sharing the love. For a moment, we all are in harmony, no conflicting powers overcoming us. We are the people. Some young guns are shouting for artistas to come and sing so that they can go and study for their faculty exams. The atmosphere is electric. And a selfish guy like me, feeds of the flux of inspiration.

Not even the heat is stopping the march of music. It’s feeding the mind and rejuvenating the inner chi. Like in the words of the song “And nothing else matters”.

However, the main motivation of being here again is to spend quality time with the one that’s a plus in my life. Like Bon Jovi says “You want to make…a memory”. These memories are the things that last and are forever imprinted into your heart.

In a nutshell, this is what Airfield is about. For sure there are other flavors I didn’t experience yet, but there is still time. And I can’t wait to see what heat-stroke of enlightenment I will suffer again!

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I`m an avid statistics consumer and in my mind I see a probability in every event. I would like to say that I act only when the odds are in my favor however lying I will be. Sometimes the sweetest victories come from the utmost underdog situation. Music is, maybe, one of the most influential factors that defined my personality. I wasn’t blessed with talent to sing or play so I can only write about my rock albums, to the world. Yes, rock is the main genre I listen too, with all subcategories, but any good styles, refuse I don’t.

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