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Be The Lizard!

4 years ago, I got my first real job and 5 years ago I put a pin into the map of my career. I said HELL NO!; I’m going to pursue a path that will be the unfolding of my studies (statistics domain). I was sick and tired of being sick and tired about having part-time jobs or full-time ones in domains completely different and honest to say, damn low paid. 

So the job hunt began. I think I was at least 30 interviews before I got the opportunity of an internship. 30! Fucking 30! Along the way, I asked myself “Dude, WTF?“, “Are you that stupid or is this not for you?” After each failure, I was getting depressed and freaking out at the prospect that I will work washing cars, serving drinks, giving people fat and unhealthy food or doing whatever job in a excruciating heat. But where I was really failing, the one Achilles heel, was that I failed to go back and examine my faults. I only started after the 20th, I think. And then it struck me.

Had some interviews where I was asked, I know some of you surely know this question -“If you were to be an animal, what would you be? And I was saying all these types of strong animals like tiger, lion and such. But after this mini-revelation, I got the right animal for me –lizard-. Why? 

A lizard comes to life with the struggle to stay alive. A lot of predators are there to lure it out and make it a tasty dinner. Just like that, when the real life comes for us, that is when you are out in the world, on your own, just like that when you are meeting a lot of unknown faces and you don’t know who to trust, just like that, you strive to survive. You are fast like the reptile, you fail a lot but not as fatal as some of these creatures and you grow to become bigger, better, wiser. Just as they learn their environment around and sniff danger miles away, we continuously improve our skills and are more and more aware of people’s behavior, to such extent that most of the times, we are the most judgemental thing over there. 

We learn to blend into our jungle and hide between our personalities just as they are expert in the art of camouflage. We are vulnerable in the early life, but as soon as development is enhanced, we know how to avoid and crush danger, escape or delude our enemies. Whenever we are in fear or need to fight back, we got an arsenal of payback methods to inflict retribution. Just like they have venom. Not deadly but enough to cause a sting. Just like us. Cut a lizard’s tail and it will grow back. Make us fall, put us in the dragons den, and we will come back stronger. Hell, some of us will crawl in life just to survive, exfuckingactly like our reptile counterparts. Catch us in the cage and we will struggle just as they will do. And even if the odds are stacked against us, we won’t go down without a fight. Ruff skinned when needed, fighting our kind when the situation requires it, changing personalities or behaviors just like they change color to defend themselves. Ruthless in concurring the unknown.Cunning. Proud. Survivors. 

A lizard! That small, fast, kinda innocent creature. Yet we share so much in common with. No lion, no tiger, no elephant. NO! A Fucking Lizard! Take these thoughts, let them sink in and ask yourselves: “What animals are you?“.

Be The Lizard!

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I`m an avid statistics consumer and in my mind I see a probability in every event. I would like to say that I act only when the odds are in my favor however lying I will be. Sometimes the sweetest victories come from the utmost underdog situation. Music is, maybe, one of the most influential factors that defined my personality. I wasn’t blessed with talent to sing or play so I can only write about my rock albums, to the world. Yes, rock is the main genre I listen too, with all subcategories, but any good styles, refuse I don’t.

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