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Bringing Down the Giant

My grandpa, God rest his soul, was my first hero. I identified myself so much in some, not all, of his ideologies. Most of all, he taught me to always build around 2 core traits: Integrity and Fairness.

My father, on the other hand, was always focused on getting the most out of everything, and by this I mean, crossing the edge of what is moral and fair. He used to be a car painter and I remember I had to, not by free will, help him around. If he could have saved some paint or other materials in order to sell them later and make some extra bucks, he would have done that. And there are more situations where the barriers of integrity were broken. I despised him. I would have wanted to beat the shit out of his brain. Whenever I snapped and challenged his morality, though, corrections were applied to me. But at least I knew that I was doing the right thing.

One day, I had only a big bill to pay for the bus ticket and the driver said he had no change, so he took me free. The next day, same driver, same bus, I went and told him to also take into consideration the ticket from the previous day. This happened when I was 10 years old. Now, 17 years later, I still picture in my mind, his glowing face and his appreciation for my fairness.

And there are numerous more examples. Whenever I received more change, because of bad calculations, I would have given back the extra money. However, sometimes I conducted my own experiments, in order to see how fair are others. I would add some plus just to check if my fellow humans were fair or not. Results? Mixed.

But it was always hard being fair in a society in which selfish human beings prevailed because they stole more than others could. And I’m not referring only to money but with all stealing in general. And not only to live by this code but also to influence others into having the same principle. Problem here is that there is this saying that “If you are fair with me I’ll be fair with you”, or with respect also. I don’t back this only with 50%. Because, you see, there are these situations where conflict arises. If you or me, are not fair, then we change the page and we break our moral code, just to get the edge. Because we are selfish, we step into the devil’s hole. We don’t have the guts to let the others “win”. Speaking from myself, I am always fair, no matter how you treat me. Trash me, step on, spit into my face, do whatever but I won’t burn my traits.

All of this got to a boiling point nowadays. I don’t know if you heard, but in my country, Romania, the government adopted a modification in the penal code that allows for corruption to grow and allow some members of the political party to escape prison or get rid of their criminal records. Long story short, they want to save their asses while in power. I feel that some members of the party don’t agree with this from a moral standpoint, some of them actually resigned, but the rest are like a herd of sheep. Keeping their mouths shut, although they don’t agree. I feel they are in the same oppression I was, back in the day. And they blindly follow the “leader” by means of loyalty. FUCK THAT! You motherfuckers are as guilty as the all the rest because you don’t have the balls to stand up for yourselves. Will you be expelled? YES! But you will have your integrity intact. Even if half of you resign, you will send a powerful message that the power is in the hand of the people. But no, you stay there, in your warm seats, because for 4 years, you think, you will steal as much as you can. FUCK YOU!

Is this the example you want to sent to your youngsters? Do you really want them to have a hard time in the future because you were their parents? Aren’t you afraid of all the people that are gathering in the streets nowadays? Even people that trusted you with their votes. How can you live with all of there burdens? Or have you no consciousness?

I have some form of social anxiety and that is why I don’t do great in large population of people. But when the time came, I also went into the streets, alongside 30k people, to rise against the plague.

I let you with a chant. See you in the streets.

“If you don’t jump, then you need no change!”

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