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Adversity to Change

It`s being said that if you engage into a behavior for 20 consecutive days, then the brain will get used to it and assimilate it as a sort of automatism. But you have to stick to it. In comes a dilemma. While it is x times easier to incorporate anything related to health, food or more earthly matters, when it comes to changing minds, perspectives or even keeping up with the world, ⇓.

The longest battle I had to fight in my life, since, well, I remember – embracing the change. Working side by side with my father, we always got into arguments because he had a God complex of mister know it all, while I came with different approaches, to say, of solving the same problem. I`m not going to tap in other inherited behaviors from long ago or strictly doing things exactly how they are written in stone. The point is that, influenced by this conservatism, I had real struggles adapting when the moment came to leave the coziness of my home.

The “funny” thing is that I was advised about that the world out there is different and I would have to accommodate, ironically by the same people that were so rigid. So you admit, in the back of you mind, that if I adopt this attitude that you preached to me, I will have struggles but you still don`t offer me the hardware mechanism to solve this problem.

What I want to highlight is that I observed, at least in my country, a big gap between the youngsters and the experienced ones. While I think that they know they have themselves to adapt to all the things that are new and for the fast pace that the world is moving, they are still adverse to change. And this is a big word – Change -. Put it in any context and it will immediately be engraved in bold and then all that comes will weight a tone more. But it also decreases exponentially as people advance in age. A bit odd, because more experiences should result in an acknowledgement that at least being open to change it not a bad thing, right?

Unfortunately, of  the human evolution tree, somewhere, a homo-sapiens was “bright” enough to embed into our DNA that we have to succeed in life, that all of us should be billionaires and if we have even the smallest upset, the smallest drag into failure, then we are doomed. And we are pressured since we are very young that we got to have success. I am damn right pissed that I wasn’t told to fail more, because I think I would have gotten a lot if I would have followed that path. For me, it`s not a shame to have insuccess, because this is the best way to evolve as a human being. And I did learn this by working in statistics, where one of our motto is to fail faster in order to learn more. But being raised in this rigid environment, I didn’t have access to such techniques. And the first few times I failed, it felt damn wrecking.

This is a big reason why I think, others still put a big NO in front of change. But yet again, I this one thing  boggles me: recently we had parliamentary election and of course, controversy is impossible not to be present. 27 years since the communism era has been taken down, one thing that the “wise” ones still don’t want to see is that we are constantly lied to by promises that dumb asses can’t keep or are unable to fulfill. But still they fall prey to idiots. Because mass-media has never been more unreliable. What I don’t understand is how can someone vote for crooks and convicted felons. But the yet again we have a saying “you make even the devil as your friend until you cross the bridge”. And this is such a shallow saying because it somehow offers you an acceptance for your action. The hidden message is the curse of selling you soul to him and we easily overlook that.

It`s because of these such kind of mechanism that we are stuck in our evolution. Now, more then ever, we have the eyes to see how rapidly the world is changing, we have the mind to try to understand and adapt but we completely block this change. And why? Because we market it as a 180 degrees change and a fast one. If only we were thought to take it slow, step by step, I am sure than in at the the last 20 years, we would have gained a lot more and be smarter. And the gap between young and wise, drastically thickened. What do you think?

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