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Character starvation

“The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual” or “A written statement of someone’s good qualities” definitions provided by Google for an elusive term – character.

For me, at least, showing this trait is the absolute minimum requirement, a baseline. Am I asking too much? Yes. From a population of air breathers that have  a solely objective to backstab everything and everyone in their selfish quest of having success, of being someone, of filling those fat bellies with  gold essences, of overdosing with the devilish potion of luxury plus hate, of draining the last drops of thinking fuel left.

I see it every day, feel it every hour, get torn apart in every minute because I refuse to give up hope in humanity. However, I still get knocked down by fucking morons. Yes, I`m talking about you, all the fucktards, all you shapeshifters. When you smell an opportunity to rise to power, you have an adrenaline rush that propels you to reach such lengths as following your managers to the bathroom and literally licking their asses clean. For fuck sake, at least brush your teeth afterwards, there are reminiscences between your teeth and your mouth smells of bullshit. How does the Earth still keeps you alive?

No matter in which environment you land, there is a guaranteed chance you will stumble upon a nemesis like this. Getting friendly just to add another trophy to his/her wall, laughing with lies in your face while having the confidence lion, indirectly spitting in your mind to brainwash all human traits, crafting a carpet pavement of assumed ideas, letting the impression that he/she will jump in front of the train to save you while actually being the mastermind that shoves more coal on fire in order to crush you faster, giving the impression that they give a fuck. Disgraceful!

With a trained detection algorithm in place, you think that you can protect yourself from them but the reality is that  I’m getting changed by the anger inside. The cut is so deep that the corruption sucks almost all the life out of me,  getting me that one step closer to the edge … Tic-Tac… I’m one breakdown apart from total madness, one stroke away from blasting out.

One last shout for one last time, one last resuscitation of a trait that many have been deprived themselves of, one last teardrop to ignite the thirst for … character.

Why the fuck, craving for the highest pick while the character level is burning to 0 became so mainstream? How can we unfuck what it`s already fucked?  Why can’t we put an end to the starvation of qualities?

©Nicholas Sogard

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I`m an avid statistics consumer and in my mind I see a probability in every event. I would like to say that I act only when the odds are in my favor however lying I will be. Sometimes the sweetest victories come from the utmost underdog situation. Music is, maybe, one of the most influential factors that defined my personality. I wasn’t blessed with talent to sing or play so I can only write about my rock albums, to the world. Yes, rock is the main genre I listen too, with all subcategories, but any good styles, refuse I don’t.

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