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False Confidence

One constant element that is hailed, preached by motivational speakers, literally brainwashed into our consciousness, confidence.

We are ought to believe that in order to succeed, this trait is a must. Infused with cocktail words like “You can do it”, “It`s within your power”, “Be confident, you will rise above”, our minds are tricked, the brain is deceived and we think we found some divine power that we weren’t aware of. But it was always there. So why can’t we acknowledge it, while instead only harness its power when someone else tell us what we want to hear?

Hypocritical idiots we are. Or is it because our brains are so susceptible to trickery? We are easily fooled by perception. Give us a politician that lies with his smile upon his/hers dumb face but shows confidence over the moon and back, sticking to a lie right until the end, and we are hooked. Go to an interview and while having no experience in some subjects, sell them with confidence and the job is yours to take. Why do most associate this with pure confidence instead of calling it for that it is? And we wonder ourselves why there are fewer and fewer people of value in the world.

We praise the fake and submit the truthful ones. Found out that being 100% honest about what you know is never good business. People think less of you if you tell them to the face what you really know but praise the other that use false confidence into their advantage. If I say, on a scale of 1 to 10, i`m a solid 6, and no matter what, be sure that you get it, with a window of possibly more, put me besides one that is a solid 3-4 but sells himself as an 8-9, and my faith, 9 times out of 10, is sealed.

Someone that shoots for the moon is more likely to be picked over one that is sure will at least get you into outer space. While the first says the maximum she/he can do, the universe of the counterpart is wide open. Although she/he promised to certainly get you into space, be sure that Mars is not the limit.

So why do we outcast people that don`t show a high level of confidence? Why we, more likely, pick the ones that have a false confidence? What the fuck is wrong with us?

Mainly, I think, is the age old battle between positive and negative. We perceive group low as negative and it`s within human nature to be surrounded by positive whatever. I think this is utter bullshit. Someone that fall in this category is more likely to lift up into the next level. Because, at the moment, she/he knows where they stand while the progress is limited to nothing. Showing false confidence will only bring a short term success, mostly because you basically set a horizon for what you are capable of.

It`s sad to observe that there are a lot of people that have eyes but can’t see…

Brilliance of Blue

Round sphere, your customized mark of Cain,
Concentrated dancing nebulosity in tints of blue.
While providing instant pleasure to the brain,
Life defining secrets are hidden in plain view.
For us, mortals, a mere shape, a colorful imprint,
For you, an entire connected universe of perception.
We are ready to embrace that it will disappear in a stint,
But admit that for you, it`s a living symbol of reflection.
Eyes are watching something they can`t see,
Poisoned by brilliance of blue, they be.
The mind, flooded with corruption to know,
Identifying patterns that don`t easily glow.
Triggers of memories sculpted by stinging needles,
Foundation stones to unimaginable emotion steeples.
As darker hues are devoured by shades of light,
We can`t even envision the torment outright.
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